Topic: Informations! READ ME

Here you can write applications to get ownership to shops placed on our map (rp_industrial17_v1). Shops are mostly placed in CWU area.
Shop name belongs to name of it's doors. If the doors havent name of shop, there is number next to it, so use that number to tell us what shop do you mean.

For getting ownership you need to :

  • Be valid CWU(if in CWU sector)

  • Have acces to basic bussines

  • Be active on forum/server for min. 4 days


On our server you can also write apply for giving you a permanent door status for your apartment
I'm not gonna make new Apply format for door ownership. Just edit the Shop one

For getting ownership you need to :

  • Show admin doors what you want

  • Fill Apply

  • Be active on forums/server for min. 4 days