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Topic: JailRP

Lengthen jail time significantly, im talking 10/11 times what we do now.
So, one cycle=45/50 mins IRL.
And if commit a serious crime, your character could be there for days in real time.

"Wait, so just for running around and calling CP faggots I have to spend 50 mins in here! WTF!"

Currently, the time doesn't matter, as most people only get one cycle stays, and thats only 5 mins IRL, and RP suffers because of it. Nobody takes detainment/JailRP seriously because it doesn't exist. The only JailRP there is is the RP to get there, which can be minimal sometimes as well.

So how do you balance the now long jail stays?
You actually RP,of course!

You now can do more than drag someone to a cell and walk off!

How this will be on the CP side:
Standard procedure as before, except:

You MUST write a GOOD detainment report and put it on the appropriate cell.
Citizens are going to need food now that they stay so long, so everyone gets a ration a day, which will be recorded on the detainment report you were supposed to write.

Citizens are moved to a separate class, called "Detainee" or "Inmate".

Citizens get to leave their cell once a day to use the rest area, where they may eat,use the toilets/sinks, or talk a bit. This would last about 15 or so mins IRL.

Citizens may be let out to do work for the combine, such as cleaning detainment, at a unit of rank 01+'s discretion. 

A unit must be present if inmates are out of their cell.

This could provide something for lower ranks, mainly recruits, to do.

ATTENTION:Before someone will type "GAUD GAUD SO LONG".. Listen.. You can finally learn IRL and IC that you shall not run like idiot and shout that CP's are faggot. You shall don't get caught atleast.


Re: JailRP


Good idea, though 45 minutes would be an overkill i would aim for 25-30.

-André +1

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Never tried anything new." -Albert Einstein

Re: JailRP

Yeah, realy nice notion...
And I will not fight against you if we will use this idea FROM THIS POINT
But still I want some changes in that idea, so here they are (Feel free make quote with editing something :) ) :

  • The time of one cycle : 20/35 (We don't want to get bored players for seeing 45min same walls) (But still everyone can edit this cycle length as he want, it will depends on actual story)

  • I17 includes main prison room, so there we should keep files about prisoners in safe

  • Prison sector have a camera => Full records (if active) of room

  • Cleaning your register by doing some "Dirty" job is also good idea

  • Rations will be served once per 3 days ( We don't want to get piggies from our Prisoners :P )

  • I will add more in later *EDIT*s

Informations about citizens in detainment :

  • On notepad in main control room will be just writed : Name of citizen = # Cell

  • All informations of citizens will be writed in his data file /viewdata [player]

  • *viewdata command have have it's own template for all citizens, so you are just filling in.

Here I enclose the template of citizens data file :

Name :

Status: Alive
Citizenship: Benignant

Loyalist Points: 0
Criminal Points: 0
Total: 0

-------------------- RECORD --------------------
EXAMPLE OFFENCE: Audio Violation|\"Fuck\"|1|23821

------------ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ------------
Transferred on: ........