Topic: [ACCEPTED] Rarmirs12345 Application for Secret Base


  • Steam name :Rarmirs12345

  • Steam ID :STEAM_0:0:34824997

  • How much you can be active on our server? :Depends. In weekend's i can play a lot. In normal days from 15 to possibly 23.

  • Why should we assign that property to you? :Well,We did the whole thing IC'ly about the secret base and we shall basically take it over as we have the keys. (IC'ly gained)

  • Do you have longer experience with HL2RP? :Indeed. About an 2 years.

  • Do you understand that if you will abuse your property permission you can lose it? :Yeah,I understand that.


  • Full Name :Viollet Marron,MPF.RCT.

  • CID :43191

  • Age :21 Years.

  • Loyal/Criminal points (you can ask any unit to find that information) :24 LP's.

  • Name of property :Secret Base Behind Vending Machine

  • Duration of ownership :Before our group will "Fall down".

  • Business status :(That's for the base so none)

  • What sort of items you will sell? :(None..I will sleep there and attack U.U..)

  • Do you agree with all laws regarding ownership of property? :Yes.

  • Do you accept that you will pay 100 tokes for owning property? :I agree...


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Re: [ACCEPTED] Rarmirs12345 Application for Secret Base

Edit: Dooracces is only for vending machine doors.. Only that can be opened from outside.
Edit2 : Dooracces has been changed to Rebel base what is under Metropol.